Brand Consulting and Development

We create tailored, multi-channel brand strategies with our clients to promote
commercial growth and brand equity. Fostering brand image and brand awareness
drives overall brand performance forward and increases product sell-through. We approach
each project with honesty and dignity, and with a high level of aesthetic
competence and commercial acumen.

Retail Support & Insight

We are experts in comprehensively managing stores, pop-ups and shop-in-shops
on behalf of a brand within the Nordic region. We specialize in wholesale
support & after-sales and store management. Through our wholesale and
retail management functions, we have access to a vast amount of data,
which we routinely analyse and process to benefit our clients.

Wholesale and Direct-to-Consumer

We nurture close relationships with leading department stores, e-comms, online
3rd party platforms, boutiques and other key retailers globally. We passionately
believe in long-term partnerships, not one-season wonders.

Marketing Communications

We believe that communications and commerce go hand-in-hand. The most successful
brands never succeed by merely claiming what they are, but by acting according to
their brand core and customer promise. Our parent company, hasan & partners,
is one of the most awarded agencies in Northern Europe and an expert
in turning marketing problems into business opportunities.

Consumer Insight

Consumer insight is the foundation for efficient business. Together with frankly partners,
our hasan & partners Group affiliate, we help our clients to identify
the most important drivers for target group behaviour. Our client-centric
approach in developing operations, products and services fulfills the
end-customers’ needs – now and in the future.


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